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Active Investors

Polychain Capital3
Webb Protocol, Thetanuts, Berachain
Coinbase Ventures3
zkLink, DFlow, Yoz Labs
Alchemy Ventures3
Vibe, Cata Labs, Intmax
Circle Ventures3
OpenTrade, Cata Labs, DFlow
Cogitent Ventures3
Nolus, Tribe3, Protecc Labs
The Spartan Group3
Cata Labs, MetaGravity, Fractal
Hashkey Capital3
Cata Labs, Rise, Intmax
CMT Digital3
Credora, Coinflow, Cat Labs
Shima Capital3
TinyTap, Flow, Berachain
Animoca Ventures2
Artifact Labs, Cetus
Kingsway Capital2
Fedi, TinyTap
Sino Global2
OpenTrade, Rise
Kronos Ventures2
OpenTrade, Protecc Labs
KuCoin Ventures2
Cetus, Credora
Entendre Finance, Shield
Nolus, Intmax
6th Man Ventures2
FARE Protocol, Fractal
Mask Network2
Aki Network, Intmax
MZ Web3fund2
Aki Network, Intmax
Meteorite Labs2
Aki Network, Intmax
Draper Associates2
Amboss Technologies, Rise