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Wormhub Alpha Release - Bugs & Issues.

Please keep in mind that this is an Alpha release and there may be bugs/issues as we work towards the Beta & Public Release
Reporting an issue
This is still in the early phase, and featuers may be added or removed as we work. As the platform is currently released in the Alpha stage, there are a few known bugs that are being addressed.
If you find any bugs/issues, please report them and get involved in the Telegram:
Known Bugs/Issues
- The `/wormboard` page Token Price Chart loads in 2 columns with the API data on small screen (mobile) devices if switching from another page. This is due to the chart/panels being rendered before the data is available.
- Switching from the `/wormboard` to another page, then back can sometimes cause the last price in the token price chart to be 0.
- The Token Price Chart sometimes doubles up when switching options or pages
- Navigating to `Trending Contracts` directly sometimes doesn't load the data until the page is refreshed.
These will be fixed in due time as we continue development on the platform.
Acknowledgements & Data
The focus of Wormhub is on accurate and transparent data, methodology and ideals.
Wormhub DeFi Tools feature TVL aggregation for DeFi (Decentralized Finance). Our data is taken from various sources including DefiLlamas open-source adapters and maintained by passionate individuals and contributors from hundreds of protocols. Additional thanks to CoinGecko, Infura and Etherscan for the data/APIs they provide.
This helps Wormhub track over 2000 DeFi protocols from over 150 different blockchains.
As some of the data is sourced from external APIs, it may not always be 100% accurate to the minute. In the future we may build towards our own solutions and further APIs/integrations/partnerships to help improve and expand on the data we provide.

Keep in mind that ourDeFi Toolsetisn't public yet, so you may see some features, filters or URLs that aren't yet live!

Keep in mind that ourDeFi Toolsetisn't public yet, so you may see some features or URLs that aren't yet live!